SIU (Special Investigation Unit) Consulting for Businesses

Special Investigation Units are internal units set up within organizations for the purposes of identification and investigation of fraud. With some estimates ranging from $80 billion to $110 billion a year, insurance fraud is a growing concern in many companies. Fraud, misconduct, and abuse can undermine and threaten the future of any company, destroy profitability, reputation, credibility and integrity. Hence, the creation and maintenance of insurance  fraud safeguards is necessary for any reputable organization.

Given our trusted experience in Healthcare fraud and Qui Tam litigation, we have developed several services for companies seeking to identify and quantify fraud risk. We examine all aspects of external and internal fraud potential. Potential services may include:

  • Anti-Fraud Plans
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Fraud Awareness Training
  • Claim File Reviews
  • Fraud Audits
  • Contract Special Investigations Unit Services

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