For Whistleblowers

"Things gained through unjust fraud are never secure."
- Sophocles

About Knox Ricksen LLP

Whistleblowers play a vital and courageous role in keeping both public and private entities honest. Exposing questionable practices, illegal activity, or other wrongdoing is vital–and protected by numerous laws.

At Knox Ricksen LLP, we are dedicated to rooting out and rectifying fraudulent and nefarious activities–and whistleblowers play a vital role in this effort. To benefit from the many protections and rewards granted by U.S. whistleblower laws, it is important that individuals follow the definitions and procedures that ensure them formal whistleblower status.

Leveraging the insights and protecting whistleblowers is our priority. We are a dedicated civil litigation and trial firm with nearly 50 years of history fighting fraud. We work closely with those who blow the whistle to mount a case and obtain winning results, while simultaneously safeguarding against retaliation. Our experienced team is focused on prosecuting complex insurance fraud and qui tam action cases perpetrated against healthcare insurers, self-insured groups, and casualty and workers’ compensation insurance carriers.

Advanced data analytics and in-depth investigation techniques are just a couple of the tools we deploy, and together with decades of insight into fraudsters and their tactics, we effectively and efficiently build the case. From state qui tam actions to RICO suits to healthcare provider lien consolidations, our team expertly guides clients through the court process based on our extensive trial and litigation record–highlighted by significant jury verdicts and hundreds of trials.

When it’s time to speak up, Knox Ricksen LLP is a trusted partner. For a free consultation, we can be reached at or call us now:



The Knox Ricksen LLP team uses experience, expertise, creativity, and perseverance to secure substantial results for clients, including numerous multi-million-dollar judgments and settlements.

People of the State of California ex rel. Allstate Ins. Company, et al. v. Chang Hwan Park, et al. (2021):
$51 Million

People of the State of California ex rel. ILWU-PMA Welfare Plan v. Sebastian Altamirano, D.C. (2019):
$47 Million

People of the State of California ex rel. Allstate v. Chang (2016):
$11.5 Million

People of the State of California ex rel. Allstate v. LA Healthcare Management, Inc., Maria Miranda and Frank Rivera (2013):
$7.7 Million

People of the State of California ex rel. Allstate v. Daniel H. Dahan (2012):
$7 Million

Saridakis v. City and County of San Francisco (2018):
$6.5 Million

People of the State of California ex rel. Allstate v. Byum Suk Kim (2016):
$2.3 Million

People of the State of California ex rel. Allstate v. Philip Jung Wan Kim (2017):
$2.1 Million

People of the State of California ex rel. Allstate v. Reshat Alkyashi (2014):
$1.6 Million

Why We Win

With creative thinking, in-depth legal knowledge, extensive courtroom experience, commitment to ethical and professional behavior, and an individualized approach, Knox Ricksen provides an edge to whistleblowers.

Courtroom Warriors

As a team of seasoned trial attorneys, we relish the opportunity to take a case to trial. With decades of experience, we know what truly matters when trying a case. By developing compelling themes and exposing undeniable facts with credible and convincing evidence, we consistently deliver favorable verdicts for our clients.

When cases are not suitable for trial, we use our courtroom skills, vast experience, and tenacity to obtain the settlements our clients deserve.

Experience in Fraud Law

As the California Supreme Court wrote in Tech-Bilt, Inc. v. Woodward-Clyde & Associates, “When profit is involved, the ingenuity of man spawns limitless varieties of unfairness.”

We have the experience necessary to identify, analyze and prosecute the “limitless varieties of unfairness” that our whistleblower clients encounter. With our experience handling fraud-related matters, we think creatively about each case and develop new legal theories to address issues of first impression.

By understanding the nuances of each situation, we can find equally original approaches to help our clients win. When you hire Knox Ricksen LLP, you benefit from the skills and know-how of our versatile team.

Diligent and Detail-Oriented

Our attorneys are adept at navigating the thicket of laws and regulations governing fraudulent activity and whistleblower protections. Using advanced data analytics and in-depth investigation, we pay close attention to the details of a case while never losing sight of the big picture.

To build the most comprehensive and persuasive case possible before we file a lawsuit, we work closely with our clients to gather and analyze all the evidence and data. If needed, we hire experts to investigate and collect additional information. By the time we file suit, we ensure we have the evidence and witnesses necessary to support our claims and ensure victory in the courtroom.

Strategic and Results-Driven

The Knox Ricksen LLP team consistently seeks creative strategies to help our clients win. Our number one priority is helping our clients get the results they desire, so we focus only on those actions that will make a difference to the outcome of a case. Before we file a complaint, we evaluate and analyze the facts to develop an individualized strategy for each client and case.

Personal and Client-Dedicated

We don’t just handle cases. We get to know our clients one-on-one. To approach each situation individually while also providing the most benefit, we have seamlessly implemented the most advanced legal technologies available to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and provide superior services and results.